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Welcome to Nursery

 Welcome back to Spring 2 half term at Poppleton Ousebank Nursery.

In the first week of this half term as well as celebrating pancake day we will be doing activities for World Book day. We are really pleased that we will be visited by the Book Fairy too!

 ​In this half term we will continue with our number of the week , continue to develop our fine motor skills e.g. our cutting skills, our independence skills and doing lots of art and craft.
We will also develop our phonics skills further by introducing a sound of the week and a rhyme of the week. This will be alongside our phonics and reading activities e.g. our book of the week, rhyme and oral blending and segmenting.


Our Topic this term is 'Changes' and we will start by looking at changes in materials by making pancakes. Then we will look at lifecycles with caterpillars and tadpoles. As Spring arrives we will look at the seasonal changes and spring flowers. We will also plant seeds to see how they change as they grow.

This half term we will celebrate Mother's Day and Easter.

In Design and Technology this half term we will be making our own musical instruments. We look forward to giving a performance once we have made them1


Meet the team...

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Helen Armstrong

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Claire Green (Monday-Thursday)

Mrs Debbie Pickford (M/T/W pm and Friday) , Miss Samantha Watson (Lunch cover)

and Mrs Keira Relton (Lunch cover and Weds pm).

Picture 1 Helen Armstrong - Nursery Teacher
Picture 2 Claire Green - Nursery Nurse
Picture 3 Debbie Pickford - Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Samantha Watson - Lunchtime Asssistant
Picture 5 Keira Relton - Lunchtime Assistant