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Poppleton Ousebank Primary School

Poppleton Ousebank Primary School

Tel: 01904 795930


Education provision for children during school closures.

Hope Learning Trust is committed to supporting the directive set out by the Government. The Government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend. The Government’s medical advice is very clear, social distancing is by far the best way to protect our children. The best way to protect your children is for them to be at home and isolated from other young people. The request from Government to provide emergency educational cover is for exceptional cases where parents are involved in frontline activity. If a parent is able to cover then this should be the norm. With this key message in mind, Poppleton Ousebank is open for vulnerable children, children with EHCPs and for Key Workers who do not have alternate childcare due to both adults being Key Workers or they are a Key Worker and a single parent family.


What is a key worker?

‘Key workers’ are defined as those whose work is critical to the COVID-19 response or those who work in one of the critical sectors listed below: 

  • Health and Social Care
  • Education and Child Care
  • Key Public Service
  • Local and National Government (linked to COVID-19)
  • Food Supplies
  • Public Safety and National Security
  • Transport
  • Utilities, Communication and Finance
  • Key Workers
  • Health Care
  • Journalist and Broadcasters
  • Religious Staff, Charities and Workers delivering frontline services

For a complete list of all roles which the government has classified as ‘critical’ please visit the website


All parents have been sent an email containing a request form to support the cases identified above. Parents should follow the information on the letter and return the request to the school email

You will receive an email to explain whether or not you have met the criteria. Unless the school has agreed your request, please do not bring your children to school.

Further information regarding child support in school

Children are not required to where school uniform

Child care will be provided from the space that POPSOC uses - families can park in the bottom car park to drop off and pick up.

School will provide a free school dinner for the first week. Children may bring a packed lunch. After this, school dinners will be charged at the usual rate.

Supporting home schooling

Each week, teachers will post work  on the school website (Early Years) or on Google Classroom. Our aim is to support children's learning as best as possible under the restricting circumstances. Teachers are spending time not only planning the activities for the children, but also writing guidance to support parents. You can find the information under 'Children', 'Year pages', 'Homework'. There is also a 'How to' guide to signing into Google classroom.

We are experiencing extraordinary times that will test us all. Please let us know via the school email if you experience any difficulties accessing the information.

School Motto

“Capturing the Imagination of Young Minds”

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