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Capturing the Imagination of Young Minds


Every few weeks, we aim to fill this page with pictures of the children enjoying their time at school and making progress learning in their class environment. Pop by regularly to see pictures of school trips, curriculum 'WOW!'s, CLIMB time and much more. It'd also be useful for you to follow @Ousebank on Twitter as Mr Holden and Mr Buckett like to Tweet their classes hard work fairly often on there as well!




Mr Buckett and Mr Holden love seeing pictures of the children learning outside of school and always welcome any printed pictures or photographs being brought in for show and tell and love hearing the children recounting what they have learnt and where. If you could send in pictures that don't need to come home, then we can stick them up on our learning wall for everyone to see! Mr Buckett also has a Facebook page called 'A Buckett Abroad: The Sightseeing School Teacher' that he used to communicate with parents and children alike whilst he was travelling the globe in 2017/18. He uses this now to share with the children places he continues to visit and things he continues to learn wherever he may roam, he welcomes any 'adds' and 'likes' and will always say hello.