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Spelling Rules for Years 1-6

Grammar Terminology - end of KS2 expectations

Mathematics has changed considerably over the years and the methods used in school can be confusing. To help understand the different methods, please look at our Calculation Policy. You are welcome to talk to your child's class teacher if you have any concerns.

Dear parents and carers,


Please have a look at the following link if you would like some guidance on how to help your child with learning numeracy at home. The videos are aimed at specific age ranges and give several examples of how to help link maths with every day life,

Many thanks,

Mr. Brookfield

Becoming a 'Literacy driven parent' at home.

Reading is at the heart of learning at Poppleton Ousebank, as we acknowledge how the love of reading improves the use of language, the understanding of skills associated with reading and the knowledge that we can gain from engaging with text. Through our curriculum work, we pass on our enthusiasm for reading and show children how they can learn from books, the internet and other reading sources. We encourage you to be part of your child's reading motivation and success by reading to them, with them and getting excited about books.

Jolly Phonics guide for parents