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"Guided Tasks" will be given out in A4 sized yellow books and contain a writing task that is to be completed with the children within a three week time frame. This is to promote a love of creativity through writing and give the children chance to interact with you about what they have learnt and are proud of in their writing at school.


Spellings are put in planners every Friday and that specific sound will be tested the following Friday. The sounds will be taken from the 'Read, Write Inc.' phonics and reading framework and will be presented with some examples to allow you to practice and learn with the children. The words provided will more than likely not be the words they will be tested on but given to give the children the opportunity to practice the sound and its context within a word. Combined with their wider phonic knowledge the children will be able to spell the word given during testing.


In lieu of 'tested' Numeracy homework this year, we would like to continue having the children expand and refine their mental maths skills using the 'Doodle Maths' app that can be downloaded to any device on iOS and Android. If you have any questions or foibles, please get in touch.


Don't forget that guided reading books, library books and keywords are changed regularly. Please can these be kept in your child's bookbag at all times.