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Poppleton Ousebank Primary School

Poppleton Ousebank Primary School

Tel: 01904 795930

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Welcome to Nursery

 Welcome to Spring 1 half term at Poppleton Ousebank Nursery. 

This term we welcome new children into Nursery and we will support them as they settle into our Nursery routines and make new friends. We continue to build the independence skills of all the children as we explore and learn in all areas in Nursery.

Our Topic this term is 'Changes' and we will link this to our Space theme through stories and using aliens!

We will also look at changes in the seasons as we move from Winter into Spring, changes in animals as they grow (including ourselves) and looking at how materials change e.g. melting, freezing, baking.

This half term we continue with our number of the week and we will start phonics sessions looking at rhyme and a new sound each week. We will be doing artwork based on our theme of space as well as patterns and hope to build an alien spaceship too!

We continue to celebrate special events such as Chinese New Year.


Meet the team...

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Helen Armstrong (Monday to Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Claire Green (Monday-Thursday)

Mrs Debbie Pickford (M/T/W  and Friday) , Mrs Alison Morley (Thursday am), Mrs Ann Reid (Thursday am),
Mr Rob Shaw (every morning) and Miss Samantha Watson (Lunch cover each day)


Picture 1 Helen Armstrong - Nursery Teacher
Picture 2 Claire Green - Nursery Nurse
Picture 3 Debbie Pickford - Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Rob Shaw - Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Samantha Watson - Lunchtime Asssistant
Picture 6 Alison Morley - Teaching Assistant
Picture 7 Ann Reid - Teaching Assistant

School Motto

“Capturing the Imagination of Young Minds”

School Awards

Hope Learning Trust