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Poppleton Ousebank Primary School

Poppleton Ousebank Primary School

Tel: 01904 795930

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Welcome to Our Nursery

For general information on our Nursery please visit on the school web site.

Please see the Gallery page for Nursery photographs.


What are we learning this term?

During the first few weeks our priority is settling the children into Nursery, learning the new routines, exploring all areas in Nursery and of course making new friends.
We will also spend time looking around the school, exploring the forest area and visiting the school animals.


Our topic this term is 'People.'

We begin by thinking about ourselves and our family before moving on to people who help us.

As we learn about ourselves we will talk about our feelings, how we are all different and how we all form part of a

team. We will be painting our self portraits and practising recognising our names.


School Motto

“Capturing the Imagination of Young Minds”

School Awards

Hope Learning Trust