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Welcome to Nursery

 Welcome back to Summer 2 half term at Poppleton Ousebank Nursery. 
Our Topic this term is 'Place' and after learning about animals and their homes we will talk about our school and where we live.

As we continue to look at animal habitats we will continue to explore mini-beasts e.g. bees and making honey sandwiches. This term we have some stick insect eggs in Nursery which we will look after once they hatch.

 This term we will continue with our book of the week and number of the week. We continue to develop our fine and gross motor skills, our independence skills and doing lots of art and craft.
We will also develop our phonics skills further by learning a  new sound each week and we now have a rhyme of the week too. Alongside our phonics and reading activities we will be practising oral blending and segmenting.


We have lots of great activities planned to ensure that the children have time to explore and have fun!!

This half term we will also be doing lots of transition activities to help those moving on to Reception.
We look forward to hearing updates on the sunflower and bean plants you have at home.

Meet the team...

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Helen Armstrong

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Claire Green (Monday-Thursday)

Mrs Debbie Pickford (M/T/W pm and Friday)  and Miss Samantha Watson (Lunch cover)


Picture 1 Helen Armstrong - Nursery Teacher
Picture 2 Claire Green - Nursery Nurse
Picture 3 Debbie Pickford - Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Samantha Watson - Lunchtime Asssistant